Character Bios:

In celebration of hitting 10,000 page views (thank you so much by the way!) I thought I would put together a small Bio of each of the characters currently in the story:

Tanya Rock

Real Name: Tatiana, Slavic for Fairy Queen

Age: 40 Years (She became Vampire at 30)

Parents: Both of Tanya's parents were killed during the last great Vampire Wars.  They were the King and Queen of the Vampire Council and sacrificed their lives to ensure Tanya's safety.

Tanya Rock has her hands full with 6 children and many more on the way. She currently has one young adult male child, two teenage boys, and teenage triplet girls. Some days she is ready to pull her hair out but she wouldn't change a thing. Tanya loves her children more than life itself and has given up her dream of becoming a rock star to be the best mom she can be. Along the way she's run into several obstacles, such as recently being turned in to a vampire and finding out her past is nothing like she thought it was.

Anderson Rock

Name: Anderson, Scottish meaning son of Andrew. The name Andrew means courageous or manliness.

Age:  20 years old

Parents: Tanya Rock and Connor Frio

Love: He is currently dating Kaylynn Langerak.

Anderson Rock is a loving and kind son. He was the first born Rock child and feels that the he must look after the rest of the children whenever Tanya isn't able to do so. As a child Anderson found a strong love of art and can spend hours painting without even realizing how much time had passed. Thus far the only thing he's found he loves more than painting, is Kaylynn. Anderson is hoping to start his adult life with her very soon.

Connor Frio

Name: Connor, Scottish meaning strong willed.  

Age: 45

Occupation: Private detective

Connor was Tanya's first great love. She had just arrived to Sunset Valley and was star struck when she met him. The two dated for a short time and Anderson was conceived. Connor thought Tanya had gotten pregnant on purpose to trap him and his accusations ruined their relationship. He shirked his responsibilities for the beginning part of Anderson's life but began to realize he was missing out as Anderson grew older. The two eventually began to patch their relationship though it remains slightly strained.

Brent Rock

Name: Brent, English meaning High Hill or coming from a steep hill.

Age: 17

Parents: Tanya Rock and Christopher Steele

Brent is the second child of Tanya's. He fell in love with science as a young child when he tried to develop a potion that would clone his father. Brent had hoped that by creating another Christopher that he would get to spend time with him without pulling him away from his work as a SCIA agent. As a teenager he went off to boarding school, both in the hopes of getting into a great college and in an effort to get away from his sisters, whom he found quite creepy.

Christopher Steele

Name: Christopher, meaning ancient follower of Christ.  

Age: 37

Occupation: Agent in the Sims Central Intelligence Agency (SCIA)

Christopher swept Tanya off her feet. He seemed like the perfect gentleman, he showed interest in Anderson and seemed quite genuine. But just as Tanya became pregnant with his son, Christopher grew distant and aloof. He frequently canceled plans at the last minute and would seemingly ignore Tanya's calls. Tanya didn't even get to tell him about the baby until well after his birth, in fact even then he learned of his son through the media. Tanya only learned after she had given up and moved on that Christopher wasn't cheating on her but was off working as a secret agent.

Chase Rock

Name: Chase, Old English name that means Hunter.

Age: 16

Parents: Tanya Rock and Grady Elfman (deceased)

Chase is the third child and so many of the struggles the first two boys faced with being raised by a single mother were patched before he came along. Chase had been adored by his father prior to his death and he missed his father greatly. Now that he is getting older, he doesn't remember much of Grady anymore, though he thinks of him every day. He is sometimes jealous of the other two because their fathers are still alive, even if not much a part of their lives.

Grady Elfman

Name: Grady, Celtic name meaning noble, illustrious.

Age: 25 years old (Deceased)

Occupation: Maid

Grady was perhaps the greatest love of Tanya's life. He not only adored her, but her children as well. Tanya had never seen a man so attentive and patient with children. Grady made her feel like she was the luckiest woman in the world and she was just bursting with love. The two quickly spent all their free time together and before they knew it, Chase was conceived. Grady was ecstatic to have a son, though he loved all the children. One fateful night, he sent Tanya out on the town, hoping to surprise her with a romantic dinner and an engagement ring upon her return. Unfortunately, in his excitement, he overturned a candle and died in the fire that ensued.  

Ansley Rock

Name: Ansley, Traditionally an English male name, meaning from the pastureland of the noble.

Age: 14 (Vampire at birth)

Parents: Tanya Rock and Lincoln Jacobson

Ansley is the first born female child of Tanya. She is a triplet with Briannah and Callie. The other two triplets are constantly fighting and putting Ansley in the middle of it. Ansley loves music and hopes to eventually make a career out of it. Unfortunately for Ansley the Vampires have a different idea of her future, one where she and her sisters take control of the realm left by their grandparents.

Briannah Rock

Name: Briannah, Celtic name meaning she ascends, feminine version of Brian.

Age: 14 (Vampire at birth)

Parents: Tanya Rock and Lincoln Jacobson

Briannah is a kind and nurturing soul, except when it comes to her evil sister Callie. As children, Bri had become the target of Callie's cruel ways, and now that she has gotten older, she refuses to stand by and let her sister act that way towards her. Bri has recently started to rebel a bit and dress edgier now that she is a teen. If she isn't listening to Ansley play music, she is busy creating potions or playing chess. She hopes to one day become a doctor and a mother so she can continue her nurturing.

Callie Rock

Name: Callie, short for Callista, a Greek name meaning most beautiful

Age: 14 (Vampire at birth)

Parents: Tanya Rock and Lincoln Jacobson

Callie is a vicious and often times cruel person. Her biggest problem is she knows just how stunning she is and plans to use that to her advantage her entire life. She always gets her way and has come to expect it. Even as a toddler, she was quick to anger. Callie can be very cold and calculating and that may come in handy when the girls take over at the Vampire Council. Though only through the balance of all three sisters can they truly achieve great things for the Vampires.

Lincoln Jacobson

Name: Lincoln, Old English name meaning from the colony by the pool.

Age: 56 (Vampire)

Occupation: Part of the New Vampire Council

Lincoln mysterious showed up the night Grady died in a tragic fire. Tanya learned a few weeks later that she was pregnant and assumed the baby was Grady's. Shortly after the triplets were born, she realized there was something off about the eyes, they were neither hers, nor Grady's. She began to have dreams of a man with matching eyes and often felt she was being watched. One night Lincoln is found in her bedroom and he promises to tell her everything soon. Shortly afterwards, Tanya realizes she's been turned into a vampire and her life has changed forever. Lincoln is her one tie to the past as well as what is to become of her future.