Season 2 (Chp 11-20)

Season 2 Catch up for chapters 11-20.

Season 2 opens with the revelation that Grady has died in a house fire while preparing a romantic dinner during which he planned to propose to Tanya. The Rock house is devastated at the loss, and Tanya relies a bit too much on Anderson during the grieving process. She realizes just how much when she sees an angry painting of his and vows to start living her life again for the sake of the kids.

A few weeks after Grady dies, Tanya is elated to find out she is pregnant once more.  She loves the idea that Grady will get to pass on yet another child even after his death. She just hoped that she'd finally get to have a daughter to dote over. Brent and Anderson grow closer as Brent pesters Anderson with space questions and decides he wants to become an astronaut when he gets older.

All throughout her pregnancy, Tanya sees the ghost of Grady. Almost every night he comes to her and the two talk about the future of their children and how excited they are to have another on the way. Soon the babies are born (yes babies...Tanya has triplets) and Tanya is delighted to know she has three girls mixed into the family. She must rush around and prepare a nursery for them though, as she was only expecting one baby!

A couple nights after the girls were born something dawns on Tanya. The girls have different eyes than she or Grady. Theirs glow with a brightness that makes no sense to her. Tanya is left to wonder what happened, she couldn't remember ever being unfaithful to Grady. At the same time Grady seems to have disappeared, he no longer visits Tanya in the middle of the night, and Tanya begins to think he never did.  That it was all just her imagination and a way to deal with her grief.

By now all three boys are going to school and Anderson does a great job with helping the younger two with homework while Tanya tends to the triplets or writes. Tanya begins to have fitful dreams at night of a dark haired strangers with the same glowing eyes as the triplets. She doesn't know who he is or what he wants but she can feel his presence almost all the time. 

Tanya begins to do research but hits a dead end after finding some rumors about creatures of the night. Anderson finally graduates high school but decides to stay home and help Tanya with the other kids. He opens up a day care so he can earn a bit of money and care for the triplets at the same time. This allows Tanya to get a few more novels written and royalties rolling in.

The triplets, while adorable, are quite the handful. The house is pretty much chaotic until they are able to walk and talk on their own. The addition of Anderson's daycare means a house full of toddlers during the day, but they all enjoy it most of the time. As the triplets are getting older they start to show their personalities. Ansley is athletic and musical. Briannah is caring and nurturing, and Callie is a she-devil who enjoys torturing her siblings.

Brent and Chase become best friends for a while. The two can often be found playing chess together after they finished their homework. Anderson decides to close the daycare and concentrate on his paintings. He continues to help Tanya with the girls for a few hours each days so she can write.  Eventually Brent decides to try his hand at chemistry and attempts to find a potion that will clone his father, who is often away on SCIA business.

The Rock family moves into a much larger house when Tanya learns that her parents have passed away and left her a large sum of money. They really needed the room as the old house was just too cramped for her and six children. Once at the new home, Anderson finally starts to feel confident enough to date the girl of his dreams, Kaylynn Langerak. The two had met back in high school during math class and even danced at the Prom but Anderson was too shy to ask her out formally until now.

The kids are growing up so fast and pretty soon Brent and Chase both are in high school and attending their own Prom. Tanya just can't believe how fast her kids are growing up. She starts to feel a bit rebellious herself as she slips into a bit of a mid life crisis. Before long she is back into her black knee high boots and headed out to the local night club for an evening of fun. Once there she is startled to find the man behind the bar is the guy in her dreams. The last thing she remembers is a sensation of falling.

When she becomes aware of herself again she is upstairs standing next to a strange painting of a girl fighting off evil. Anderson tells her she was up half the night painting it, yet she can't remember anything about why. Amid growing frustration and uneasiness, Tanya throws a birthday party for the triplets. She keeps it family and very close friends only in case the man shows back up.

Just as she lets her guard down, he appears in her bedroom. She demands answers, to which he promises to tell her soon. He whispers something into her ear, murmurs a few words and is gone. The girls become addicted to a new drink on the market called Plasma Juice and not long after Tanya gives it a try and is just as addicted. As the girls become old enough for school, Brent and Chase start to grow very uneasy around them and convince Tanya to let the two of them go off to boarding school.

Not long after the boys leave for boarding school, Tanya transforms into a vampire. She is furious and confused and vows to find out what the hell is going on if it's the last thing she does. Tanya tracks the mysterious man from the club down and demands answers. He finally caves and explains to her that she is the last in a long line of Vampire Royalty and that her parents had been killed during the last Vampire War.

Their species was dying off due to strict rules on pro-creating and her parents sacrificed themselves so that she may live. The man was just a new Vampire Fledgling growing into his powers when all the decisions were made. Tanya was turned human using the last known potion and adopted out to a human family until her 30th birthday. Then she would be turned back into a vampire and the triplets were to eventually become the new leaders in the Vampire Council.

At the conclusion of season 2, Tanya was overwhelmed with the information she was given. She didn't know how to tell the children or face the fact that if left human, her sons would die before she would. Tanya quickly started to deteriorate as she refused to feed and spent most of her time locked in her room. Anderson had taken over as head of the household while Tanya battled her depression.  The triplets continued to fight with each other and eventually Anderson had enough and erupted in a fit of rage.

Worried about him after the big fight, Bri calls Kay and asks her to find her brother. Kay and Anderson talk in the park for a while before they end up back at the Rock home, where Anderson asks Kay to stay the night.