Season 1 (Chp 1-10)

Chapters 1-10 Catch up for those that need to brush up on what's happened thus far:

Tanya Rock moves to Sunset Valley with high hopes of becoming a rock star. She had saved her whole life to afford a modest home to live in while working towards her dreams of stardom. Unfortunately, Tanya wasn't quite prepared for the reality that meets most young starlets in this town, fame doesn't come easy or cheap.

She quickly settles into a routine of writing at night to pay the bills while exploring the new town during the day. She makes several friends, including her first celebrity crush, Connor Frio.  Connor proves to be a bit too much for her and when she ends up pregnant with his child, he high tails it in the other direction. He is under the assumption that she got pregnant on purpose as a way to get her hands on his fortunes.

Connor shirks responsibility for his son, Anderson, and Tanya decides she is going to devote her life to becoming the best mother she could possibly be. She dotes on Anderson and thoroughly enjoys motherhood. She eventually meets Chrisopher Steele when she upgrades his shower though a repair shop ad. The two fall head over heels for each other.

Christopher even enjoys spending time with Anderson and quickly starts to become a father figure for him. Things continue on in this manner for quite some time, until suddenly Christopher starts to seem a bit dodgy. Every time Tanya tries to call him, she gets his voicemail. And what's more is she has some exciting news for him, that just has to be told in person. She is going to have his baby! She couldn't be more thrilled, until it becomes apparent to her that Christopher has moved on and left her.

Soon Brent is born and Tanya is once again a single mother. As Tanya's heart begins to mend, she decides it's time to hire some help for around the house so she can spend more time with her children. To her surprise the maid service sends her the hunkiest man she could imagine, Grady Elfman. Grady seems like the perfect man. He's respectful, considerate, and he seems to love her kids as much as she does.

Eventually Tanya confesses to him how she feels and is delighted to find out he is just as smitten with her and she is with him. The two quickly become inseparable. If Grady isn't at work, he's over at the Rock home spending time with her and the boys. Soon Tanya and Grady discover there is to be a new addition to their makeshift family, Tanya is once again pregnant.

Before she knows it, Chase is a toddler, Brent is in grade school, and Anderson is in high school. Tanya and Grady continue to have a strong relationship. Grady treats all three boys as though they were his own and spends time with them equally. Life couldn't be better for Grady, he is just thrilled to be a part of their lives.

Anderson starts to rebel a bit as a teen and is brought home by the cops for releasing frogs into the high school cause chaos the next day. He's also crowned King at the Prom and continues to enjoy painting. Brent and Chase grow very close and spend a bunch of time playing together.

Grady knows Tanya is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with and hatches a plan to propose. He convinces her to go out for a night on the town while Anderson watches the boys. Tanya enjoys the night out and dances the evening away. She loves watching the mixologist creating drinks, but suddenly gets an uneasy feeling while the bartender lights a drink on fire and feels alarms going off in her gut.

Season one leaves us wondering why Tanya is suddenly filled with dread and worry, and what is to become of the Rock family when she gets back home.